The initial consultation may last up to two hours. It consists of gathering a detailed profile of your health history and symptoms, as well as determining your unique constitution and present imbalances. The follow-up consultation will be the following week when we meet again to discuss Ayurvedic treatment goals and individualized therapies.

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We offer three, five or seven day Pancha Karma programs. Each day you will receive an Ayurvedic consultation followed by Abhyanga (oil massage) Swedana (herbal steam treatment) and Shirodhara (oil treatment over the forehead). These are customized for your constitution and state of health. Necessary herbs, diet, and Yoga Asanas are also provided to complete the cleansing process.


During this synchronized Ayurvedic massage, two therapists deeply massage the body with herbal oils from head to foot. Medicated oils are utilized according to your constitution or imbalance to release blocked toxins. The purpose of this unique, one hour massage is to take you into a state of deep relaxation. Abhyanga enhances health and vitality at any age.


This nurturing foot/hand/scalp/neck massage allows you to release tension and blockages where you carry it most. Through gentle stimulation of specific marma (acupressure) points, with individualized essential oils, we assist you in letting go of stress and in opening subtle channels of energy.


A full body, herbalized steam therapy. When following any massage treatment, swedana can further loosen and remove impurities through the skin. Medicated steam therapies are prepared depending on the doshas the practioner is trying to pacify. It is excellent for lung disease, joint diseases, fibromyalgia, and other musculo--skeletal disorders.


Shirodhara is an emblem of Ayurvedic treatment. Continuous pouring of the warm oil on the forehead over the sixth chakra, along with scalp massage, profoundly calms the mind. It is a excellent treatment for insomnia, anxiety and nervousness. This treatment is deeply balancing to the nervous system, allowing for deeper sleep and clearer thinking. Shirodhara has been compared to a womblike state where in the body and mind feel completely protected and nourished.


A dry massage to your entire body to exfoliate your skin and promote circulation. Ayurvedic herbal, flour, salt and essential oil combinations are used to remove impurities from the skin and invigorate the body, bringing a radiant glow.


The combination of scalp/neck, face/hand/foot massage followed by energy balancing and shirodhara will surely carry you into a state of pure bliss! Sound and aromatherapy help intensify this journey into inner relaxation.

    "From Bliss, indeed, all beings originate; by Bliss they are sustained; towards Bliss they move; into it they merge."     ~Taittiriya Upanishad


A hands on treatment which utilizes specific therapeutic techniques, including marma stimulation, to redirect the flow of energy through out the body. Polarity is an ancient healing art, having its root in Ayurveda, which can bring us into the core of who we are by creating a sense of peace within the body, mind and spirit.


The purpose is to clear nasal passages and sinuses. It is best for diseases of the head when action on the brain or Prana is desired. Following a facial massage and steam, specific medicated oils are administered through the nostrils to relieve ailments of the sinuses, head and neck region. Nasya pacifies the nervous system and allows for deeper breathing, and enhances the absorption of Prana.


Both eyes are bathed in warm ghee with a flour dough dam for 30 minutes. Useful for relieving dry eyes and eye strain due to excessive computer or T.V. stimuli. This treatment can prevent and benefit many eye weaknesses.


A warm pool of medicated oil is applied directly to either the sacrum, back of the neck, abdomen, knee or heart area to relieve localized pain and tension. They are each very calming and leave one feeling nourished.


Ayurveda utilizes a wide range of luxurious beauty techniques to maintain both inner and outer beauty. Ayurvedic facials, hair and scalp pastes, hand and foot therapy are among the various treatments offered at the Center.

Please ask our practitioners about other available services to meet your specific needs. We provide Deep Tissue, Swedish and Russian massage to relieve deeper muscle tension. Other oil treatments provided include: Trapana, Karna Purna (treatment for ear diseases and TMJ¹s) and Nadi Sweda (localized herbal steam treatment.)


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Meditation is becoming a widely-practiced and successful complement to health care. Many have discovered how this ancient discipline works to prevent illness by reducing anxiety and stress while also strengthening the immune system and developing a full potiential of mind.

Stress is harmful to the body and mind. When we are under stress, we activate neurohumoral response of fight and flight. The body releases a flood of hormones, the heart pumps faster, and the lungs work harder to flood the body with extra oxygen. The body also converts sugar to energy and the muscles tense up for action. Our senses are sharpended. This increased physiological activity diverts energy from the digestive process.

When the stress is chronic, arteries harden, the immune system weakens, and there is a loss of bone mass, suppression of reproductive system, and memory problems.

Ayurveda emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit. According to ayurveda, behind the gross physical form of man, there are numerous finer forms of existence. The outermost form is the gross body (sthula sharir) behind which there exist the astral body (sookshma sharir) and causal body (karma sharer). The routine practice of meditation aims at promoting moderation, regulating the senses, and producing balance.

At Medical Ayurveda Rejuvenation Center, We encourage and teach our patients to practice forms of meditation that will best address their physical and spiritual needs. Among these are breath meditation, walking meditation, mantras and prayer. In addition, we teach a system of spiritual meditation called Sahaj Marg.

To learn more about this system of meditation, please visit www.scrm.org or contact us at MARC at 949-644-4566.


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Very few people are blessed with naturally perfect skin. Yet even for those lucky few, toxins in our environment, including the air, water and food, combined with physical and emotional stress, act together to impact our health. All of this is reflected on our skin.

Ayurveda aims for nothing less than to help you to find inner balance and harmony that truly radiates from within.

What is different about Ayurvedic skin care?

Ayurveda is a 5000 year-old Indian science of life that teaches that the balancing of mind, body and spirit will lead to peace, harmony and lasting beauty. The formulations utilize the powerful regenerative properties of plants, herbs, roots, essentials oils and floral extracts. Ayurvedic skin care offers the following:


Ayurvedic skin care provides a healing, natural method for improving and rejuvenating the skin after surgery. Swelling reduction, scar minimization, lymphatic drainage, enhanced, and speedier healing are just a few of the benefits to be enjoyed through Ayruvedic treatments that are tailor made for the post-surgical patient.

In your pre-operative consultation we will review with you your Ayurvedic constitution, the optimum diet to create balance before and after surgery, breathing exercises for stress reduction, special Ayurvedic facial massage, herbal treatments and much more.

Ayurveda classifies skin according to the following body types:

  1. Vata Dosha: dry, thin, rough, cold, small fine pores, grey, fine lines, dark pigmentation on cheeks, prone to dryness and dehydration.
  2. Pita Dosha : slightly oily, soft, hot, pores large on T zones, small elsewhere, reddish, broken capillaries, freckles, reddish pigmentation all over, prone to inflammation, acne, and sunburn.
  3. Kapha Dosha : oily, moist, thick, cold, large open pores, yellowish, blackheads, excessive oiliness, white or brown pigmentation, prone to acne pimples, in areas of mouth and chin.

      Through an understanding of the Doshas and by restoring internal balance through the use of herbs, diet, changes in lifestyle and topical Ayurvedic skin treatments, your skin can be returned to a state of natural glowing health.

      For best results call 949-644-4566 before surgery to arrange for your pre-operative consultation.


Micro current Point Stimulation (MPS) is a new Food and Drug Administration approved device/therapy that integrates the principles of acupuncture and modern neurology to provide an all natural, holistic approach to treating the body and mind.

MPS therapy applies micro-stimulation (DC) to a predetermined series of acupuncture points that isolate specific nerves, muscles and tissues that are involved with the injury. Applied by non penetrating point stimulator, MPS current produces an acupuncture-like response. This response is thought to permit increased reinnervation of neural pathways, (connecting the energy meridians in acupuncture), allowing patient pain levels to be substantially decreased, often immediately. It was developed over the course of three decades by a team of dedicated therapists. Since then, MPS Therapy has become the leader in the fight against chronic pain like Migraines, Back pain, Shoulder pain, Sciatica including Trauma / post surgical related scars.

Dr. Robert Becker, orthopedic surgeon, researcher and the father of osteo genesis documented in his book, The Body Electric, “the perineural cells or nerve sheaths carry a direct current of electricity, prompting the body to grow, heal, regenerate and repair itself. No subsequent healing of any injury may occur without DC stimulation.

Dr. Bruce Pomeranz, father of neuro-endocrinology and the scientist who discovered endorphins (the body’s natural opiates), found that low frequency DC stimulation (2-4 Hz square wave – MPS stimulation) can produce the same endorphin releasing effect as traditional needle acupuncture.

Please visit
http://dolphinmps.com for more info.

At Medical Ayurveda Center, Newport Beach, we offer 30 to 60 minutes MPS therapy. We do courtesy billing to your Medical insurance. It will be your responsibility to check with your insurance regarding the coverage.


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Homeopathy is an incredible healing art that has been used successfully for hundreds of years and is one of the most-used medical healing modality in the world!

Homeopathy is a gentle and effective form of natural, holistic medicine that can be used to treat many conditions, illnesses, and diseases. Homeopathic remedies are made from minute, potentized doses of substances found in nature. These medicines are prepared according to scientific principles that allow them to be easily utilized by your body to support your body’s attempts to heal it.

A Homeopathic Doctor is specially trained to determine the very best remedy for you – every person is unique and is treated as such. For example, two people who suffer from migraines will not necessarily receive the same homeopathic remedy. In fact, it is unlikely.

A Homeopathic Doctor will take the time to get to know you personally and to learn about any problems you may be having or conditions from which you might be suffering. As a result, he is able to select the remedy that best suits your individual personality and symptom picture.

Homeopathic Doctors believe in treating each person as a whole – mind, body, and emotions– and we believe that all symptoms are thus inter-related. Our remedy choice is therefore based on the totality of symptoms that you are expressing.

Homeopathy is safe and gentle and can be used to effectively treat animals, children, and adults alike, including pregnant and nursing mothers. There are no side effects or suppression with homeopathy because it simply supports the body’s own attempts to heal itself, following the natural tendencies of the body, not blocking or impeding it in any way.

The healing effects of homeopathy are practically limitless, and as such, homeopathy is a wonderful treatment option for everyone.